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Michelle’s Story – The next chapter in Michelle’s story

A brave step forward Michelle didn’t let her learning disabilities slow her down. She knew going back to school

Cameron’s Story – The next step in Cameron’s quest

Teachers made the difference They gave Cameron the support and guidance that he needed to finally finish high

Hayley’s Story – The next door opens

Hayley’s future is bright Taking that ‘first step’ paid off for Hayley. Through her own hard work and determination

Michelle’s Story – How finding courage helped her find confidence

Ready or not On Michelle’s first day on her journey to finish high school as an adult at the Discovery Centre, she

Cameron’s Story – Finding focus helped him change his game

First-day jitters When Cameron walked through the doors of the Discovery Centre on his first day as a student, he

Hayley’s Story – How finding support helped her find her way

Into the unknown On Hayley’s first day as a student at the Discovery Centre, she was nervous — how could she know

Michelle’s Story – Phoning it in

Learning was a struggle for Michelle She had a severe learning disability which made school a very difficult

Cameron’s Story – Blue Collar and Bust

What happened out of class and after the boom. High school wasn’t a priority for Cameron. He didn’t feel

Hayley’s Story – Loss and Lost

How mental health realities led to a difficult time High school wasn’t easy for Hayley. She struggled with mental

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