Mike’s Making New Plans in 2019

“More education means getting better jobs, guaranteed,” says Mike, who recently upgraded his high school marks at the Discovery Centre. “My dream is to get into post-secondary for Marine Sciences and start living the life I want to live.”

Although he had previously completed high school and was working as an electrician, Mike was struggling to find enough work to live the life he wanted. He knew that he needed a new plan if he was going to change his life.

Mike’s first step was contacting the Discovery Centre to talk about his options for upgrading his existing high school credits. “The staff told me everything I needed to get started. They told me if I believed in myself, they’d be with me every step of the way, and they have been.”

Mike says learning at the Discovery Centre was easy because the staff encouraged him to go at his own pace and to never lose sight of his goals.

“Most of us are limited by our own beliefs about what we can do. Thanks to the Discovery Centre, I’ve learned that if you have the motivation to make a better life for yourself, you can do it.”

Do you know someone like Mike? Maybe it’s you. A call to us is an easy, private, and comfortable first step. Call Rosalind, she works with us and is a Discovery Centre graduate herself — her number is 1-877-446-I CAN.

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